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Budgie Cards Poker Game 25 Apr

Baduci: Rules and How to Play

Remember training Texas Hold ‘Em where you spent years trying to remember all the hand combinations, when to bluff, when to fold, when to go all-in like never before? Well, it’s time to throw all that out of the window and play a poker game which makes your knowledge irrelevant. Jokes aside, Baduci is still
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Table Games Poker Budagi 25 Apr

Baduci: What’s That?

Did we mean Badugi? How dare you, of course we didn’t! Baduci (some might say Badeucey or Badacey) is a draw poker game type which mixes hand valuations of two different games — Badugi and 2-7 triple draw. Similar to high/low poker, Baduci is a split pot game. Meaning, the pot is divided between two
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